Chocolate to become even more delicious: boffins discover genetic sequence to improve taste

Just the news we needed in January isn't that right?   Boffins have made a startling discovery: by tinkering with the DNA of chocolate they can make it taste EVEN NICER.

Apparently we have been eating poor quality chocolate grown from hybrid cacao trees.  Farmers preferred these plants because they were hardier and produced better yields - but it has meant that  the quality of chocolate has gone downhill.   Scientist have unraveled the genetic sequence of the cacao bean and think they are able to replicate the pure chocolate originally eaten by the Mayans.

Now I don't know about you - but I didn't think chocolate could be improved upon.  Especially Galaxy Cookies, Green and Black's dark chocolate, Topics ... oh and cake.  Chocolate cake.  Chocolate pudding, chocolate mousse, chocolate fondant.  Hot chocolate ...


Ok, I'll stop now.  This great news for chocolate lovers - but not great news for dieters.  Groan.

What's your favourite chocolate and if it were made even more delicious how would you cope?  By going up a dress size I would guess!

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