Christmas Day outfit inspiration

It seems like every social occasion has a dress code except for Christmas Day. And it’s a hard one to dress for, regardless of whether you are a guest, the host, visiting family or friends or just going to the church.

If deciding what to wear is giving you anxiety, then have pity on poor Kate Middleton. She has to wear five outfits on Christmas day. Yes! Five! She needs a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit and a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full length dress for the evening meal. Even pregnant she will no doubt look perfect for every event.

PLAN AHEAD: Treat yourself to a blowdry and a manicure on Christmas Eve.  A nice indulgence and you are already a step ahead in the glamour stakes on Christmas morning.



So feet first if you're cooking or helping out with the cooking, as they have to be comfortable – boots, flat ones. Then a dress or tunic top with short sleeves as kitchens are hot and the last thing you'll need to have to deal with is long flowing sleeves that could dip into the gravy. Then it’s jeggings or leggings and a cardi to pull on later if you need it.




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You can glam it up a little if you are a guest for Christmas Day although with family you will probably end up doing the clean-up and definitely eating enough to burst anything too tight -  so comfort is still key. A knitted dress, leggings or tights with ankle boots are gorgeous. Comfy heels or wedges are fine too as you can kick them off if you manage to grab a spot on the couch. Amp up the glamour with accessories (except belts!)

FAMILY DUTY: If you have something new to wear that you love, then throw something into the car that you can put over it. Then when you get left with all the washing up, you won’t ruin it.


You will probably want to get a little more glamorous if you are visiting friends.  A nice wrap dress and heels would look great and still be comfortable and give you room for plum pudding. Or any of the dresses above would be comfy. Wear nice jewellery.


PARTY PLANNING: Don’t forget you can always style up your Christmas Day outfit if you are going out later on Christmas night.

Wear a dressy coat so you make a good first impression. Change your flats for heels. Change your stud earrings for long sparkly ones. Add a neckpiece and some bracelets. Put on some sparkly shadow and a bright lippy. Glamorous in seconds!  
Hope you have the best Christmas ever!

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