Christmas presents from the past (that will bring you way back)

When I was a child I loved Christmas. I just loved everything about it. Dad would bring us into Switzers to see the windows and buy Christmas presents and crackers for the dinner table.

Those ones had the best presents inside and became a tradition in our house among extended family. Little did they know that myself and my little sister had skillfully mastered the art of opening them without breaking them so we know what was inside each one. We then would strategically place the good ones where we were sitting (I apologise to all my extended family reading this article).

Seeing as I have been struck down by the plague today (who hasn't been?) I took a look back at less cough-y and sneezy days when new toys solved every woe. These are the three Christmas presents that you probably all had or at least wanted. I certainly did.

Cricket Talking Doll

Yes, not only did I have this creepy doll, I also loved it. It came with tapes you could put in her back and press play (it was literally a tape cassette). Anyway, when you pressed play she would move her mouth and eyes. One day, we put a Michael Jackson tape in which was possibly why I loved the doll so much. When you hit play, Michael would play at high speed and she would move her mouth also on high speed. This was the source of much entertainment for myself and friends growing up.

Gogo My Walking Pup


OK, I'm also starting to see a pattern here. But hear me out. Obviously, I wanted a real dog but wasn't allowed have one so my parents (sorry, Santa) got me this instead. They said if I could look after this toy dog well, I could have a real one. The novelty obviously wore off after about an hour when I left the toy dog out in the front and a kind neighbour who saw me play with it earlier brought it back "in case someone mistook it for their own". Needless to say, I was not allowed to have a dog.

On a side note, I now have a dog, Benji. Who I love very much and never get bored of him or leave him out the front unattended. He's the office mascot here at Beaut HQ - and you can follow his adventures on our Instagram page!

Battery Operated Pottery Wheel



This is not the exact one, but you get the idea. I was always very creative as a child, so as I got a bit older I loved anything involving Make and Do. Mary Fitzgerald was a constant in our household and of course, I had the book. And would actually make things out of it with my neighbour Sophie in her garage or my back garden. But this pottery wheel was an all-time favourite of mine. My mother still uses the tiny pot I made her as a salt holder which is a permanent resident on her kitchen table.

What are your favourite or worst childhood presents?

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