Crisps - the #1 detox downfall. Rate your favourite


When I wrote about sugar cravings the other day you all rushed in to tell me that it's crisps that are your dieting downfall.

Mmmmmm. Crisps. Salty, crunchy, greasy, delicious. Perfect in their plain form of course but even more delectable if crinkled or pan fried. Kettle Chips - yummers. I've been known to eat a whole bag of these in one sitting. To say nothing of big bags of Marks and Spencer crisps - divine. And Tayto's Bistro range. OH EM GEE.

In fact the very mention of the word "crisps" sends our taste buds a tingling and our stomachs a rumbling. To the extent that many need to rush out and buy some crisps whenever they're mentioned on


What's this all about? Is it some weird hang over from the Potato Famine? Are we afraid the crisps will rot and blight in their packets if we leave them there for too long. Do we feel that we will be forced to set sail on famine ships to seek crisps in Amerikay if by chance they run out here.

The answer is of course buried in our biology. We're pre-programmed to love fatty, salty, sugary foods because our caveperson ancestors didn't know where their next meal was coming from and stuffed their faces whenever they got a chance. Whether or not the Famine added to this effect or not is a theory worth considering...

So while we're at it we might as well know what's the most delicious. Rate your favourite crisps!

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