Dreaming Of Bedtime? Five Reasons You Are Always Tired

Sometimes I just can’t close the laptop and end up watching just one (ok, three) more episodes of my latest box set love before I turn the lights out.

The next morning I look like Peig after a night on the poitín and sexy set dancing with Seán Paidí Andi. I wrap my duvet around me like a shawl, shaking my fist at my errant “On Demand” ways while my other fist rubs my tired, bloodshot eyes.

But then there are those days when you are continually exhausted for no apparent reason, peepers closing at the computer screen and vats of Starbucks required to get you through the day.

tired baby

Here are five reasons that may be the cause of your burnout.

  •  Vitamins and Minerals

If you are feeling tired or low, then one of your first steps should be to check what fuels you are giving your body to work with. Would you put watered-down petrol into a Ferrari and then expect it roar to life?

Being low on vitamin B12 is a common culprit. A quick blood test can confirm and supplements are available over the counter. Another dietary flashpoint is the amount of iron in your bloodstream. This little fella is essential to move oxygen around the body and to remove waste from cells. Women are particularly susceptible to having low iron levels so pay attention to this magnificent mineral!

  • Caffeine and Water

The only thing that lures me out of my leaba is my beloved nespresso machine. But if you can’t switch off at night time, then you should look at eliminating that last coffee. Try to limit your daily intake to no more than three coffees, teas or caffeinated soft drinks.

If you feel sluggish and unable to concentrate at work, you should look at your water intake. Women who let their water weight fall by just 1.5% can experience mood swings and low energy levels. So grab that water bottle STAT!

water running coffee

  • Exercise

You’re sprawled on the couch and don’t have the energy to pop on your runners and go for that walk. It’s almost counter-intuitive but sometimes we have to spend energy to get energy.

If you pair your sedentary lifestyle with chronic stress, then you are really looking an energy draining formula. Stress drives up your cortisol and blood glucose levels and if we don’t burn those off, then a disrupted night’s sleep awaits.

But remember that hitting the gym late in the evening or driving yourself too hard on the treadmill isn’t the answer. Find that balance between activity and rest that works for your own body.

  •  Medication

Many medications can sap energy. When my cat-allergic friend would come for dinner, I would give the poor girl an antihistamine to protect her from my ginger moggy. It wasn’t unusual to find her tucked up on the couch before dessert was on the table but I hadn’t realised that I was effectively drugging my dinner guests. Hostess with the spiking mostess, that’s me....

Beta-blockers, antidepressants, sertraline and antihistamines can all give that lethargic feeling. Try taking before bed or ask for an alternative.

Woman Sleeping

  • Technology

Blinking batteries and artificial light from your plethora of gadgets can interfere with your production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. So turn off the mobile, the laptop, the TV, the electric toothbrush recharger and let your clever circadian rhythms do their thing.

If scrambling for camouflaging makeup and a double espresso is your regular morning routine, then try some of the tips above and see if you can feel more energetic in just a few days!


Do you carry that sleepy monkey around on your shoulder? Do you have any tips to help us nod off into a deep slumber or to put more pep, and less Peig, in our step? Share with us in the comments!

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