This handbag is 2016's The Dress: What colour is it to you?

The nightmare begins all over again. Who knew a handbag could cause so much trouble?

Everyone will remember how sometime last year, the internet engaged in a fierce debate over a dress. One side thought the dress was blue and black while the other said it white and gold.

Eventually, science came to the rescue, ending the war by saying colour perception is subjective. But it seems we haven’t learned anything.

Tweeter @whyofcorso, real name Taylor F. Corso of Feminist Drilljoy, posted a picture of a Kate Spade bag on the social media platform.

Someone then tweeted ‘White. Darling.’ to which Corso responded, ‘it’s blue.’

And so it begins.













Even Corso started to get sick of the whole thing.


So what do you think the bag's colour is?



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