Eeeek! Are you sure you hung up the phone?!

"I can't stand that moaning minnie" said my pal walking away from a never ending phonecall with a frenemy.  "She never bloody shuts up and you can't get her off the phone!"

And then a cold dark fear and terror swept over her.

Had she pressed END on the phonecall?

No she hadn't.

Timidly she picked the phone back up.  "Hello" she quavered praying that yer one would have instantly disconnected the phone from her end.


"I'm still here" came a cold voice.  "This moaning minnie won't be bothering you any longer"

SLAM.  The phones were definitely disconnected - at both ends - this time.  And even though my friend hadn't liked this girl who really only did contact her to bitch and run down mutual acquaintances she has never gotten over this experience.

Ever.  She is paranoid about the phone and the hanging up of it and she's infected me.  To the extent that I actually WHISPER (what: can they hear me 50 miles away?) when I've finished a call and check at least twice that I've properly disconnected.

I know someone that did it to me too.  She didn't say anything that bad, she was just giving out about a situation we were both involved in:  but you know I never liked her much after that.

So has this ever happened to you?  Didn't hang up properly and then instantly went off to give out about the person you were talking to - AND THEY HEARD YOU?  Ever pressed send on a hastily written email and instantly regretted it?  Sent out a Tweet or posted something on someone's Wall that you can't take back now - because it's out in the world?


There's no worse feeling.  I bet you have some good stories - spill!


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