The Fair City set is moving and RTE's neighbours are not happy about it

You have probably heard some talk of this field out in RTE that they are selling.

In short, RTE are selling the piece of land to help pay off their debts and whatnot, but it seems they've thrown the baby out with the bathwater as this is where the set of Carrigstown is.

Fear not, however, Fair City fans, they are planning on re-building the entire set on another part of the land out on RTE, with apparently no disruption to filming. (We just might have a week or two of every scene in the Hungry Pig is all.)

However, RTE's neighbours out in Donnybrook are not happy about the decision - we're sure they are Fair City fans, but that doesn't mean they want it in their back yard.

A number of residents have rejected the planning application for the new set, as it will be too near their homes.


Colin McGill of McGill Planning told the Irish Independent: "Our client's houses are family homes with young children.

"Increased noise levels after 8pm are particularly unacceptable."

You know, for all those hooleys in McCoys and the like.

However, the planners hired by RTE say that "it is the most efficient use of space".

A decision will be made on the application next month. Let's just hope the residents of Carrigstown don't end up in some industrial estate in Leitrim. but surelookit, didn't they find Katy, and isn't that all that matters.

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