First look inside this year's Big Brother house

In typical Big Brother fashion, the place looks bananas and quite lush but it won't be long this year's flock of housemates destroy it.

Big Brother host Emma Willis was the first to share images from inside the house this year and it's quite neon and not exactly easy on the eye so we can't imagine it'll be the most comfortable of abodes to try and live in with 14+ other people.


No sign of the obligatory diary room chair but we're sure we'll get a look at that sooner rather than later.

Of course, the big twist this year is that there will be two houses full of housemates running simultaneously for the first time in BBUK history, with one the regular house above full of standard contestants and a second house full of 'The Others', who will be actively trying to steal a way into the main house and get their hands on that £100k.

The live launch of this year's Big Brother takes place on Tuesday, June 7th at 9pm on TV3 . We can't wait.

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