Who you should be following if you suffer with your mental health

If you suffer with your mental health you will know social media may not always be the best place to be.

But actually, if you're following the right kind of people, it can really help you to get motivated, get some inspiration and hopefully get you out of a rut when you are feeling unmotivated.

Here are some ladies that positivity just radiates from. And when they're not feeling too positive the also share that too helping you to not feel alone or like you're the only one feeling this way.

Always remember, people only show you one aspect of their lives online. If someone you follow is not making you feel good about yourself there is only one thing for it-unfollow.

Georgie Crawford

Georgie Crawford is an inspiration to women everywhere. She has battled breast cancer and continues to excel in everything she touches. She speaks openly about her struggles but is always a fountain of positivity. She shows that anything is possible.


Jacqui Twohig

Another positive inspiring woman to follow is Jacqui. Her career is positive mindset and goal smashing. She is encouraging and positive and it is infectious.

Lisa Murrin

The health balance is a perfect example of how prioritising self care is key when you want to achieve the life you have dreamt of. Lisa floods her instagram with positivity. She talks openly about her mental health struggles and how self care, fitness and sleep all attribute to a more balanced life and juggling work and 3 under 3.

Grace Mongey


Grace is the last of our positivity follows but certainly not least. Grace has been extremely open and honest about her struggles with anxiety and even depression. She is always relatable, real and honest and it can really help others to see how other suffers are feeling and how little things they do can make a big impact.

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