10 ways to make sure you have a good day

Some days are easier than others. The important thing to remember is that it is the same for everyone.

Unfortunately, sometimes how your day will go can be completely out of your hands. But there are some small little things you can do to regain control and try to make your day as positive as possible.

Look after the things you can control and don’t worry about the rest.

Here some simple things you can do each day to have a good day.

Get up earlier

There is nothing worse than hitting that snooze button one too many times and spending the day feeling like you are chasing your tail. Set your alarm for 30 mins prior to when you usually get up, have time for breakfast and a coffee and start the day with a sense of calm rather than chaos.

Make your bed

As simple as this seems, this can make a huge difference to your day. Starting the day off calmly and knowing that you're coming home to a made bed will do wonders for your subconscious mind.

Take a shower


For some, showering at night makes things in the morning go much smoother. But when possible, try showering in the morning. It really gives you a boost and gets the energy going in the morning, setting you up for a great day.

Eat Breakfast

It may seem simple to some but there is a shocking amount of people who leave the house in the morning without eating breakfast. Food is fuel. The difference it will make to your morning if you stop to have breakfast will be incredible.

Prep the night before

Another must-do in order to start the day off right is to prep the night before. Everything you can possibly prep, prep. It will add to the calmness you are trying to achieve if you are not running around looking for a shoe two minutes before you have to walk out the door.


Whether it is a cold, rainy morning or a sunny mild one. As you are on your morning commute stop for a second and breathe. Breathe in the smell of the rain, or the smell of the sunshine and think of three things you are grateful for that morning. Gratitude changes everything.

Focus on the positive


Although mornings have the potential to become stressful, try not to focus on that. What you think, you attract. So, even when the morning seems to be going against you, focus only on the positives.

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