5 ways to get back to an activity you have not done in a while

We've all been there or maybe in fact you are still there. You had a hobby you really enjoyed and for one reason or another it slowly lost its place in your routine.

Deciding that you want to get back to an old hobby, whether it is for your physical or mental health, is usually the most difficult part. The biggest step.

But there are small little step that will help get you from thinking of doing it and going ahead and actually going.

Remember how much you miss it

The body will do and withstand almost anything, but the mind is the one that needs convincing. But if you can think it you can do it. Think about how much you enjoyed doing it in the first place and how good you felt doing it. Doing something you love helps you both mentally and physically, it is important to remember this. Try to remember why you gave up in the first place, is that reason still valid?

Accepting that you are not an expert

You may feel apprehensive getting back to a hobby because time has lapsed and perhaps so has your skill. But you're not an expert and either is anyone else in the class or participating in the hobby. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be 'perfect' was good enough is good enough.


Make the first step

The very first step in getting back to an old habit should be making your plan. Where you are going to go, what time, how long it will take to get there and home and if you have any children who will be looking after them. Think of all the 'obstacles' that usually prevent you from going and think of a solution to it. Write it all down.

Let go of you ego

You may feel like a failure for quitting something you previously loved. You're not. You needed the break from it for whatever reason and that was right for you at the time. Now it's time to swallow your pride and get back to it.

Go at your own pace

The most important person in all of this is you. Then and now. You quit your hobby because that was what you needed to do for you then but if you feel you want to get back to it that is what is right for you now, but there is no perfect pace to go at. Take it slow and try not to overwhelm yourself by going all in from the second you start back at it. Slow and steady and build it up.



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