Why you should practise positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are positive sayings used to drown out negative beliefs or self-talk. Practicing positive affirmations is quite simple, you pick a few simple phrases that relate to you and the inner voice you want to hear and repeat them daily.

If you find yourself regularly experiencing negative self-talk positive affirmations can help to combat these subconscious habits and patterns and replace them with a positive. You can choose positive affirmations that motivate you or encourage you or that boost your self-esteem. In order to see changes you need to practice these regularly.

By practicing positive affirmations daily, you can create vibrations of positivity, happiness, appreciation and gratitude. If you believe in the law of attraction you will know by doing this, you will get back exactly what you put out. If you put out positivity and gratitude that is exactly what you will receive in return.

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Ironically, we are practicing affirmations every day. But, for most people it is negative affirmations we are telling ourselves-

Things like-

“I couldn’t do that”

“Nothing ever goes my way”

“I have nothing”

“I’m never going to be happy”

 Where do I start?


The purpose of positive affirmations is to eventually replace all negative thoughts and self-talk and beliefs with positive ones. In order to do this, you need to do it daily. You need to get a steady flow of the energy and life you wish to create in your subconscious.

Start with these simple steps-

  1. Start in the present tense
  2. Start with “I am”
  3. Keep it positive
  4. Make them only for yourself
  5. Use one emotional word


I am loved

I am happy

I am excited to have my dream job

I am proud of my life

I am enough

Remember to do them daily. Try to repeat them out loud with enthusiasm. Try to say them in the morning when you wake and right before you sleep.



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