Google Have Made Their Movement Tracking a Lot Less Creepy

Last August we heard about how Google were tracking your every move, remember?

While that was scary at first, because we're all basically one step away from being tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, it's also kind of a useful tool.

Not only does it let you retrace your steps so you can remember where you went for lunch last Tuesday, but it could also be used to help/ruin you in a legal situation, like if you should be caught up in some sort of Serial type case.

Now Google have made it a lot less creepy, as finding the information is nowhere near as awkward for the user, thanks to the new Your Timeline feature.

Your Timeline has replaced Google's location history, and will allow you to trace back over your steps in a more visually appealing way, like in this GIF.



The old location history and the new Your Timeline features are only visible to you. You can delete your history and stop Google from storing your location history by going to your ACCOUNT HISTORY and turning off the PLACES YOU GO setting.

This new feature isn't live on every device just yet, but is being slowly released to users on both desktop and Android devices, so if you don't have it yet, expect to see it soon.

Via Mashable

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