Having A Style Crisis? You Can Now Ask Google To Plan Your Outfit

Google already tells us how to get where we're going, what the weather is going to be like and the answer to every question we don't know at a table quiz, but soon they'll be able to give us fashion advice too. 

Professional stylists the world over will be dusting off their CVs as the all-seeing eye of Google has turned its attention to their profession in the hopes that they can now solve your fashion dilemmas as well as all your other queries too. 

A new report from the internet search giant will harness the power of Big Data from over six billion searches to track fashion trends (mainly using what people have been asking about on the search engine) over the course of the last few years, and they've managed to produce a number of statistics and graphs that can help you plan an outfit. 

According to their trend report for Spring/Summer '15, skinny jeans and normcore are on the way out, while you might want to start looking at jogger pants and high-waisted bikinis for this season. 

The New York Times reports that Google are already working with some big names in the fashion industry, like Calvin Klein, to help forecast the new trends, and presumably suggest to you places where you can buy them, such as, say Calvin Klein. While we're probably a ways away from having our outfits fully planned by our devices, we are one step closer to Cher from Clueless' vision for the future. 


Do you trust your smartphone to tell you how to dress, or will you stick to your own sense of style?

Via Esquire

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