Irish BB Contestant Jade Broke Major House Rule this Weekend

We can't help it; having Big Brother broadcasting on an Irish channel this summer has left us flicking over to it far more than we should, and as usual we can't help but take more of an interest in our Irish representative, who this year is model Jade-Martina Lynch.

As with previous Jades, she is proving quite the controversial housemate too, and seems to be making enemies for herself left, right and centre. This weekend she was caught and exposed for breaking the first rule of the Big Brother house, do not, under any circumstances, talk about the nominations. After ten years, you'd think housemates would have that etched into their brains when they entered the house.

Housemates then learned of Jade's rule breaking, which happened in a conversation with fellow contestant Nick, when Big Brother decided to show the clip while they were sitting down to dinner. He is a cruel overlord, that Big Bro.

Jade and her partner-in-crime Nick (who has to make his nominations publicly) were caught saying that they didn't think the twins or Cristian suited the experience of the house, and well, the revelation did not go down well with fellow housemates, with many of them turning against her.

It didn't help that Jade's only defense was "it was just [her] opinion", Harriet Jackson responded with: "Bollocks, f**k your opinion." Which was quite the clear reply. 


Nick has since been busying himself apologising to everyone while also deciding to keep his distance from Jade, even though the pair were inseparable last week, although looks like she may have her sights set on Cristian now...

Whatever you want to say about her, at least she's keeping things interesting!

Have you been watching this year's Big Brother? If so, what do you make of Jade? Misunderstood or massive manipulator?

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