Is chocolate getting smaller? Creme Eggs, a case study

This will be a very short case study.

Creme Eggs are definitely smaller. The other day, tucking into one (i.e sticking my tongue in to get the delicious goo out and saving the chunky chocolate for last) I was finished in about ten seconds. "Hey" I said to He who had bought them. "Are these mini eggs or something?"

With horror we realised that these were supposed to be full sized eggs.

And it's not just Creme Eggs either - all chocolate is decidedly more compact. The Snickers and Mars bars of yore were whoppers compared to the tiny yokes nowadays.


This is a way for companies to increase their profits - they offer less product but charge the same for it. And it happens in every industry, beauty is no exception either.

Have you noticed this horrifying fact? What should we do about it? A protest march on Cadburys with crowds of thousands is my choice.

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