Pinterest: the easy online scrapbook - share your visual obsessions with the world


If you've not yet been sucked in by the addicting vacuum that is Pinterest, you're missing out. It's not actually complex at all, even for technophobes like me who needed to sit down over tea and biscuits and ease herself into Twitter, while being supervised by a computer-savvy friend.

So, what is it? Basically, it's a scrapbook minus the glue, scissors and paper cuts. You can pin any image to your boards, though most people have a theme that they adhere to.  Breige explains on the forums (check out the Pinterest thread there)  "it's a cross between a interactive visual pinboard and a bookmarker. I use it to bookmark things like recipes, clothes, DIY projects. You can use it for anything. I find it a much more efficient way of bookmarking things, usually I'll bookmark something and forget about it. Or else remember it months later and have to root through a list of book marks to find it. The fact that this is visual really helps"

For example, we keep all of the foxy fellas (number forty, are you well babes, are you well?) in the Fifty Fine Things album, well away from the more wholesome Nail Art section.


If nail inspiration and creeping on the finest of Irish male population isn't your thing, you can do pretty much anything else. I have an interiors folder to get inspiration for my future home, the one that I'm going to share with one of the fifty fine things. Other people make collages of their wedding inspiration, money-no-object shopping lists - anything goes.

Repin the pictures you like from other peoples Pinterests, follow the accounts you love (follow us and we'll love you forever), leave comments on Pins you like and get addicted!  Head over to see on Pinterest and give us an aul follow!

It's totally free, you just need an invite to join. If you leave your email address below, I'll send one on as quickly as possible.

So, are any of you already pinning? What are your favourite type of boards? Do link your account in the comments!

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