SOS Exam STRESS! Here's how I calm down

Be it the Leaving Cert, college finals, finishing off a thesis, or even studying for your driving theory test, exams are a sure fire way of raising your blood pressure. I'm not saying I'm totally Zen 24/7 - I have been known to shut myself up in my room and not come out until I've written a 2,000 word essay (with Harvard referencing) - but years of being a somewhat diligent student have taught me a few ways to handle stress, and I want to share those ways with you.

exam stress

Put the kettle on
It's a cliche, but it's true - a nice hot cuppa can do you the world of good. Better still if it's accompanied by some form of chocolate biscuit. And it's so easy! All you have to do is boil the kettle (or if you live in my house, put a pan of water on the hob. Student life, wha?) Now sit down, take a sip, and...ahhh. Much better.

Switch off.
I mean this literally - switch your computer off. When you start to feel slightly zombie-like, it's time. Go for a power nap or indeed, a power walk, or even just ring a mate for ten minutes. If it's 3am and you're starting to droop, droop. You're not going to get anything done on 10% battery. This applies to both iPhones and people! Rest, recharge, rock those exams.


Harness the power of LOLs.
When you've been bogged down serious subjects all day you'll find a good laugh really sorts you out. An episode of your favourite TV show, a conversation with a funny friend or the simple joy of a funny cat video; all these things can do a great job of banishing stress. Similarly, do not underestimate the power of cuteness. I would recommend the Twitter account Emergency Cute Stuff (@emergencypuppy) for constantly providing a steady stream of "Aww" moments when you most need them. Sometimes all it takes is a picture of a pair of otters holding hands to make everything seem brighter.

Don't seclude yourself.
Though it may feel like you need to spend every hour of every day "above in the room" (to borrow an Irish Mammy phrase) do not underestimate human interaction. Seriously. Spend some time with your family, your roommates, your significant others, your cat; and feel the stress melt away. A problem shared is a problem halved - this also applies to stress, dontcha know?

Have you got any tips to kick exam stress in the butt?  How do you cope?

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