This mad new fan theory about Friends makes more sense than we'd like

There's nothing like a good Friends fan theory to give more depth to what was essentially just a hit nineties American sitcom... or was it?

Writers shut down the recent theory doing the rounds on the internet, which was that Friends was essentially all dreamed up by a homeless Phoebe, but now there's another coffee flavoured theory which is capturing the interweb's imagination.

Basically, Friends was an elaborate marketing campaign by Starbucks to get you to buy coffee, at least that's according to radio and TV presenter Alex Baker. They did drink an awful lot of coffee...

Alex writes: "Wouldn't it be mad, if we found out that Friends (as in 'THE WHOLE TV SERIES') was just an elaborate stage-setter for Starbucks.

"An elaborate, meticulously-planned priming exercise to manipulate human behaviour, getting them away from pubs (Cheers) and into coffee shops (Friends)."

He goes on to add that Rachel's surname is Green - the colour of the Starbucks logo, and she even almost looks like it in the early days of the show.


He also supports his theory by referring to Starbucks hallmark of calling out your name when you have your drink, pointing out that 'Gellar' is derived from the German word 'gellen' which is to yell out. True story.

Alex doesn't stop there and has even more evidence to back up his theory if you read below.

We're obviously not taken in by it, but you have to admire his commitment.


Now, does anybody feel like a Starbucks?

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