When is the Best Time of the Day to Have Sex?

You've got to know your own body clock, and make sure you listen to it.

Well, that's what we keep being told anyway, but we're not sure what that means. Your body can tell you what it wants, but if your brain is saying stay up until 5.00 am to watch five episodes of Grey's Anatomy in a row, that's what you're going to do.

But thankfully the Daily Mail have told us all the best times of the day to do just about everything, so at least now we have all of the information that we're probably going to ignore.

  • Best Time of the Day to Have Sex: 5.48 am

Of course men and women are in the mood at different times of the day for a multitude of different reasons. What we will say is this, literally nothing is getting us out of the bed at that hour. I know you'd more than likely still be in the bed, but you get the point.

  • The Time of Day You Look Your Best: 10.06 am

We're not sure this applies on a Saturday morning after Friday night cocktails!

  • The Best Time to Weigh Yourself: 7.40 am

At least if you get a fright you can spend the rest of the day working off the excess. Or thinking about working it off.

  • The Time You Probably Need a Nap: 12.37 pm

Finally, here's one we can get on board with. While we'd prefer if they didn't just stick us to a single daily nap, 12.37 pm seems like a good time for an auld siesta.

  • The Time You're Most Likely to Get Pregnant: 6.25 pm

But...that's when we're waiting for Home & Away to start.

On a morbid note, you're most likely to die at 11.00 am. At least we'll be looking fairly good, right?

If you think about it, do you think these times are accurate? Or are they a whole load of baloney?



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