New Study Reveals The Best Times Of Day To Get Sexy/Hit the Gym

We're not saying that you should make a schedule to stick too religiously, but if you have the time, then there's a perfect hour of the day that you should try to do the deed.

Researcher from the University of Southern California crunched the numbers on a number of different studies that looked at what the best time (from a scientific point of view) to do everything that you need to/want to do in the day, and there were a number of interesting findings.

If you want to get the best out of your time between the sheets, it seems that 8am is the optimal sexy hour according to their research, as "your energy and hormone levels are at their peak", while if you're trying to conceive, then the other good news is that male sperm counts are at their highest then too. However, the experts at Brunel University in London warn that you shouldn't go at it for too long, as 7-13 minutes is the optimal timeframe.

Apart from that, you shouldn't be having coffee first thing in the morning as you're unlikely to actually feel the benefits, while if you're struggling to make a tough decision, then try and get it done at 11,.59am, as the morning rush is out of the way and you're not hungry for lunch yet and getting distracted by thinking about food. 

If exercise is your thing, your lungs are better set up for a tough workout at 5pm than they are earlier in the day, and can be as much as 20% more powerful, while your muscles are also strong between 2-6pm.


If you're having trouble thinking creatively, then you'd best leave that until the evening, because as we get more tired, there's more of a chance our mind will wander and come up with something great.

Finally, if you want to get loads of retweets, it seems that 3-6pm is the best time for that, as people get quite tired around then, and so are more likely to hit the retweet button on your brilliant and funny thoughts or your flawless selfie.

So, when do you get down to all these kinds of bidness? Do you hit the gym after work before heading home to do some creative thinking? 

Via The Mirror

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