Name a Cockroach After That Slimebag Who Broke Your Heart

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, people are scrambling for ideas about what to buy their loved ones.

But what about their hated ones? The ones that jilted them and totally messed them up? What can we get them?

The Bronx Zoo has just the idea. For the princely sum of $10, you can get a honorary certificate naming a Madagascar Cockroach after the one you hate.


We should point out that you don't get to step on said cockroach once they've been named - you just get the cert.

The Bronx Zoo, for whatever reason, is positing the whole idea as a gift those you love. But let's face it - if you appeared at the door and said you'd name a cockroach after someone, they'd be likely to slam the door in your face.

BUT! If it's someone you never wanna speak to again and want them to know how little you think of them, get them this.

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