Nine People More Bloated Than You this Christmas

The festive season is a time when diets are happily thrown out the window and we indulge in every type of food and drink we can see to our hearts' content. This would probably be grand if we only celebrated Christmas on the one day, but no, we generally start the 'eat all of the food' mentality somewhere around December 1st and don't stop until probably the first few days of January.

In summary, we are all fat, bloated messes by now; we fear the sight of our jeans but not enough to put down the Celebrations. Fear not fat friends, you are not alone, and unless you are of one of those lucky ones who just don't bloat, gain weight or actually do have the motivation to exercise over the festive season (what ARE YOU?!), then you're definitely feeling like some of the folk below.


On the plus side though...

Don't worry though, nobody has probably noticed that extra couple pounds other than yourself, and sure we'll all be feeling like mahoosive roides again in January...ish.

Until then, is that a turkey sandwich you've got there?


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