Rate it: takeaway swaps

Oh I know it's hard... It's January and we're all supposed to be eating more healthily. But sometimes you NEED to get that takeaway. Maybe it's Friday night and you always get one on Friday night. Or maybe it's any old night and you just can't be arsed cooking.

So is there anything that satisfies the takeaway craving without being a TOTAL SIN?

  • From the chipper.
    Nothing, nada. It's all deep fried and battered and full of lard. Stay far away from Borzas is my advice.
  • From the Chinese.
    Oh this is better. Remember though that fried rice has more calories than chips and you're away. Just stick with the boiled. Chicken and veg stir fries are only 3 points in weightwatchers. Yahoo!
  • From the Indian
    Indian curries are jam packed full of fat and oil. Delicious though they may be you're better off with the dry dishes - tikkas and tandoories. Step away from the poppadoms and go very easy on the naan.
  • McDonalds: just get a salad. Of course! Sure isn't that the reason we all go to McDonalds?

So what are your tips?

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