See the first full minute of Orange is the New Black season 5

Season five of Orange is the New Black may be its most anticipated yet as the show bowed out on quite the jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Warning: Here be spoilers from Season 4

It saw the growing discontent in the prison reach breaking point with the tragic death of much-loved inmate Poussey (sob, it hurts to type it) and its subsequent cover-up led to a riot in the prison, which all came to a head with Daya pointing a gun directly at guard Humphrey.

The clip below picks up directly where we left off as Netflix have released the first sixty seconds of the new season. Take a look...


The upcoming season will be a first for Orange is the New Black as it will take place in real time over the course of three days.

The series will debut on Friday, June 9th exclusively on Netflix.

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