There's actually an adorable story behind that kiss in Love Actually

The romantic comedy/Christmas flick Love Actually was released 13 years ago and love it or hate it, it remains a holiday classic

To mark the festive season, E! News sat down with one of the stars of the film, Olivia Olson. Olivia played Joanna, who Liam Nesson’s character’s son, Sam (Thomas Sangster) falls madly in love with. He even joins a band with hopes of wooing the girl.

When Joanna is about to leave for the US on a plane, Sam chases her through the airport and is rewarded with a kiss on the cheek – bless.

Olivia said of the film’s popularity: ‘It’s so great that the first movie I was ever in really became a holiday classic, and it’s really exciting that people are still talking about it.’

It was definitely the cutest love story of the ten separate narratives in the film, and it turns out the story behind the scenes was absolutely adorable too.


It was her first kiss on and off-screen, and she explains that love was in the air when the cameras weren't rolling as well: ‘I was really nervous because I had a crush on Thomas back in the day, and I was also worried that I was taller than him and that it would look really weird.’

Both Thomas and Olivia are still acting, and Olivia still sings (who can forget her incredible rendition of All I Want for Christmas in Love Actually) as well.

You can see the full interview here:

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