This Sex-Ed Video from '80s Ireland is a Terrifying Watch...

Ah, Ireland in the '80s and '90s. It was a different time to be sure.

We had a Bond villain running the country, there was this thing called MT USA on the telly and sex education was confined to what you could make out from the scrambled channels if you had one of those fancy satellite boxes.

However, there was also the possibility of being shown some horrible, cringe-inducing sex-education videos in class that had a sweet-talking Irish mammy explaining a woman's vagina or indeed the funny names for a man's penis.

You think we're joking, don't you? If only. This video, uploaded by, show the terrifying reality of what it was like in Ireland way back when.

Take a look.



Seriously though, these things are hilarious if for no other reason that it reminds us of how we've progressed as a society .Sure, we've lot more to accomplish but at least this woman is no longer terrifying our children.

Anyway, if you saw this video back in the day or you happen to know anything about this video, get in touch because we've got to see the thing in full. It's too good not to. Also, if there's anyone out there who wants to remix this and turn into the club banger of 2016, that'd be cool too.

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