Watch: Big Brother revealed to be scripted in live feed blunder last night

Big Brother fans, you need to see this. It's all a lie!

Last night's live feed revealed some rather interesting footage of the housemates faking their bedtime. They all have a Waltons-esque good night scene and the lights go down... BUT THEN, the lights come back on, the housemates all get up, and Ricky Norwood says 'great take!'.

A message then comes in from Big Brother (that clearly wasn't meant for viewers ears) saying;

"This is Big Brother. So housemates, just listen to Big Brother again, and Big Brother will just say to you that tomorrow is a really, really big day for all of you.

"It's going to start quite early and it's going to end very late at night, so what Big Brother would suggest is that you all wash your teeth, get whatever washing your bodies you need to get done, have whatever last cigarettes you want to have, and then call it a night relatively quickly."



We always knew some sort of staging probably had to go into it, but to see it right there in front of our eyes? We don't know WHAT to believe anymore.

Who do you think will win this year's CBB? Check out the past winners below:


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