Watch: CBB's Saira reveals what Bear handed her when she left the house

Anyone watching Big Brother on Tuesday night will have seen that former Apprentice winner and Loose Women panelist Saira Khan became the second housemate to be evicted from the house.

However as she was leaving, the horror that is Bear stood at the bottom of the steps and handed her something. Was it her handbag? A house souvenir? Why do we even care?!

Saira then walked out of the house without whatever it was, and we thought the mystery would live on forever more.

Well fear not, it has now been revealed, as Saira caught up with her fellow Loose Women panelists yesterday and explained that it was actually a bag of filter coffee, because the housemates all loved it in the house, and because Bear is a dick, essentially.


Saira also dishes the dirt on what she really thought of her fellow housemates;

Watch below;

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