Bridal Diaries: When things go wrong on your wedding day

Wedding season looms. You know it's around the corner when you can replace your coat with a jacket, and the sun stays in the sky till after nine. Speaking of the sun, it's currently burning itself out just so that it can have a little rest the day of your best friends wedding (it's an ass that way). And, of course, that's the day its cousin The Rain, who's a stupid idiot, decides to visit.

I'm preparing for wedding season by going to a load of hens and spending way too much money. I'm shopping for dresses I think I'll get 'loads of wear out of' but that I know will end up hanging up in my wardrobe with makeup and prosecco stains all over them for eternity. I'm also thinking up excuses why I don't have any plans for my own wedding. But at least, I'll be getting loads of ideas from my friends! (Dear God, fetch me a paper bag to breathe into, would you?)

Anyway, even if the sun retires on the day of your wedding, everyone knows it's the company that counts, right? But no matter how many times the bride screeches that it's her day, and it's supposed to be the best day of her life, things can go wrong. We're a nation packed full of Murphys, and that's their law.

Users of Whisper have been sharing their wedding horror stories, giving me more good reasons not to overspend or stress too much over the day. A wedding is for minutes after all, and your marriage is for life. Sometimes.

My wedding was today. My husband fell over and split his head open so we're in the ER getting him stitches. I'm still in my wedding dress.


My mother-in-law insulted my dress on my wedding day.


On my wedding day, I vomited in my mouth while walking down the aisle. After the vows, my husband gagged immediately after we kissed...


I found out on my wedding day that my mother in law changed the entire menu for our reception. That hurt


My wedding photographer messed up. 120 pictures of decor and 2 of me and my husband. A whole lot of the back of his head and none of me. Ummm


I peed myself in my wedding dress at the reception because I was laughing so hard. Guess I'm not selling this dress after all


My ex gave me the awe struck "you're so beautiful" look and my husband did not. On my wedding day...
What's the worst thing that's happened at a wedding you were at? I'll admit some of the things that happen at weddings I've been at are a disaster for the bride, but hilarious for everyone else. That makes it a success. Doesn't it?


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