When workplace rivalry turns toxic

There's passive aggressive and then there's this; barely concealed hatred has never been so obvious.

News anchors Kathy Sabine and Kyle Clark have a tumultuous relationship, to put it mildly, and this compilation of all their polite but very hostile on-air clashings proves it. Considering they're on live TV and know it, they're quite brutal to each other.

Now they could be hamming it up for fun and attention and to keep people tuning in, but we don't think anyone is that good an actor.

Also, imagine being that poor woman caught in the middle of it all? Has she deliberately been put there as a buffer?



Have you ever clashed with a work 'mate'? Have you ever been in an office type environment with a horrible hostile atmosphere? While we're at it, have you had a negative experience in the workplace because of your gender?

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