Ah here now. Who's wearing a Onesie?

I'm being deluged with a storm of emails about the popularity of the bleedin onesie.

"Everyone's wearing them! Celebrities love them.  Come to our store and BUY them!"

And even though I swear to god I own no such garment because I think they are hideously unflattering and ridiculous looking on a grown woman (or man) I can kind of see the appeal.

A babygro for grownups.  Just like the slanket (the blankie with sleeves) could they be the ultimate comfort garment?  Maybe they'd be ok as jammies I reasoned.  But people are wearing them out!  And on flights!


And how could you ever fancy a man if you knew he wore one?

Our nation is divided over many issues that's for sure.  But is the Onesie one of them?

What do you think of the Onesie - and do you have one?  Admit it!

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