Break out the Motilium: Tom Cruise ruins polo neck wear for men. For eternity

If I was ever in two minds about men in polo necks recent pictures of everyone's favourite Scientologist have caused me to be of one mind.

If that makes sense.

And that mind shrieks: HURL.

Crazy Cruise at the Oblivion premiere


The status of men in polo necks has always been problematic.  While it can look cool and sexy (e.g. Sean Connery,*some* hipster types, mods) it more often looks foul.  Braying men propping up the "club" bar sporting golf trousers, with man boobs unflatteringly accentuated, are more often the type of specimen associated with polos.

Tom Crazy Cruise loves turtlenecks.  Loves 'em.  While he does have a rockin bod (much as I hate to admit it) his favourite movie premiere combination of huge cheesy grin and really really high necked polos is nothing short of splurgusting.

What are your thoughts on men in turtle necked geansaís? Like or loathe?

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