Are we wrong for wanting this Ally McBeal suit?

We found this gorgeous jacket in Topshop shop and then we noticed the skirt. Are we wrong for wanting this Ally McBeal suit?

Every time I click on something I like in Topshop, I find that it's a 'trending' item which means I must buy it immediately. Not this time, Topshop. Not without learning the opinion of our loyal and trustworthy readers. Because I really want to know, am I wrong for wanting this Ally McBeal suit?

During Ally McBeal's run, I was in school. I was at that impressionable age when you make your decisions on your future based around questionable ideas. Like, I would be a television reporter so I could wear a yellow jumpsuit like April O'Neill. Or, I could be a waitress in a trendy coffee shop and wear cute Mary-Jane shoes and tight tops like Rachel from Friends. But, if I wanted to make money and work with quirky people, maybe I could become a lawyer like Ally McBeal and wear power suits with minuscule skirts. Obviously, I should have been a columnist a la Carrie Bradshaw, since I was basing all of my future career decisions on fictional characters' wardrobes. But every girl in secondary school wanted to be an Ally McBeal-style lawyer because of those famous suits, didn't they?

I am luckily in a job now, where I can wear whatever I want (within reason). When your work dress code is casual, though, you find yourself in jeans and jumpers and hair scraped back into an unattractive ponytail. I feel like this suit would force me into a 'professional' office mindset while still not being at all corporate. Or professional if I'm being honest.



topshop ally mcbeal suit

Suit Jacket 77

Unfortunately, I can't find the exact matching skirt on site. But I have found a similar one but without the matching jacket (FFS). I predict, though, that the two pieces will come together soon.

What do you think of the Ally McBeal suit? Was it too risque for the workplace to begin with and is it too risque now?

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