Fancy a Peek Inside Katy Perry's Wardrobe? Her Love For Cavalli, Moschino and, eh, the Eurovsion

The girl-kissing, firework-shooting, cream-spraying popstrel that is Katy Perry rolled into the Odessey Arena in Belfast last night. She put on an amazing show, sure, but she also put on some UH-MAAY-ZING outfits.

Now, when the majority of us have performed on stage, it will have involved sporting either a tea towel on our head (I was a great third shepherd) or Aunty Nuala's debs dress as we skipped about in the school's production of Grease.

But not for our Katy. Oh no. According to Instyle, a whole host of designers have worked on her clobber for this tour. Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Moschino, Nicholas Jebran, The Blonds, Todd Thomas, Discount Universe and Fausto Pulisi all contributed to her wardrobe. And this girl can do costume changes like a seasoned Eurovision presenter.

Shall we take a peep at some of our favourites?

First up is the gossamer gown with flower and watering can accessories that can only be an overt homage to the Swedish Eurovision entry of 1975. Now, to be fair, there was no Eurovision semi final on last night and Katy filled that kitschy void with aplomb. I can almost feel the daisies growing out of my ears and weaving themselves around my head.

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images) (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

There was also the obligatory (Lady Gaga's mandate) seashell lingerie section (try saying that after two glasses of wine), complete with frond-y bits. This is what California girls wear, people.

Expect Penneys to be bursting with replicas this Summer and all the young wans to be hopping down Dollymount with their fronds a-flappin'.

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images) (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

And she even managed to include costumes that offered social commentary.

For example, she gave a nod to those drug-fuelled rave parties of the 1990s with a bra consisting of that iconic 90s print of 'smiley faces' cups (lookit, no need to say it, why wouldn't they be happy with their cargo). And also perhaps a nod to the Giro d'Italia with those cycling shorts that no mere human could pull off.


In fact, if you look at the ensemble as a whole, is it just an ode to Lance Armstrong?

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images) (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

Ms. Jetson Perry went all space age-y in a tubular-pleated skirt and crop top, designed for her by Roberto Cavalli. It was covered in holographic reptile scales, a detail that was possibly inspired by her ex John Mayer.

Now, there's a bit of underpants flashing going on here (not sure if these are also reptile scaled - doubt it, sounds scratchy) which makes me happy that  Miley ain't wearing it.

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images) (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

And baby, she's a firework, this is my favourite outfit of the lot. It's the kind of thing Ru Paul would wear to do his shopping in Lidl.

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images) (Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

Musical purists may say that a gig doesn't need all this flashy fashion, that all we need are the chords, man. And sure, that has its place. But for the Katy Perrys, Kylies and Beyoncés of this world, it's more than a concert, it's an extravaganza. A feast for ears, eyes and dancing feet.

Katy took to Twitter last night to tell her 52.8 MILLION followers (are there that many people with Twitter accounts in the world? or is she just nattering with the aliens?) that the gig was 'INSANE'.


That it was Katy, that it was.

What do you think of Katy's tour wardrobe? Do you love the theatrical and fashion elements of these concerts or do you wish they'd just stand on the stage and sing, dammit? And will any performance ever top Pat Kenny's 1988 Eurovision dress changes? Oh, no, sorry, that was Van Morrisson's missus Michelle Rocca. Douze points.

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