The fashion rule we're ignoring forever

Fashion rules are made to be broken, especially this one that doesn't make any sense at all.

When I was a kid, I had a cool older cousin who I wanted to be. I wanted to dress like her but couldn't because my childhood wardrobe was made up of leggings and big jumpers (still is TBH). Also, dressing up as a 15-year-old when you're ten was weird back then. A more innocent time.

This cousin, though, taught me a lot about beauty and style. She told me that hair would be straight in the morning if you wore it in a low ponytail at night. She said that 'parallel pants' should only be worn with platform shoes and a tight white tee. And maybe braces. While I was wearing black jeans and a navy top, in shock, she told me that those two colours should never be worn together.

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The hair trick didn't work for me. Her style icon back then was clearly Rachel from Friends. But the black and navy fashion rule? I followed it for years. My cool cousin probably gave up on it years before me - she is still one of the most style-savvy people I know - but I'm a stickler for obeying the law.

Obviously, this law, of course, was meant to be broken.



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The question of whether you can wear the two colours together is still submitted to fashion agony aunts; their answers are always the same. You can, of course, wear black and navy together. Whatsmore, they look great together.

I'm a frequent wearer of navy and black. For someone with a wardrobe full of black clothes, it's a good way to get out of the funereal rut. All-black outfits have their place, but they can also look boring and stale. Instead of wearing a black top with your black jeans next time, wear a navy top instead (or vice versa). You'll feel and look like you've made more of an effort - for no effort at all.


Is it a rule you still follow? Will you let it go?

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