Here's the work Christmas party outfit you can actually wear to work

It doesn't matter what type of work Christmas party you're having, at this time of year you have a licence to dress up!

It's begun. I know it's still only November but there are only 24 days in December until Christmas Day and that's just not enough time to fit everything in! So, Christmas meet-ups and get-togethers have started - including the work Christmas party.

The work Christmas party can seem tricky one to dress for, especially if you don't quite know the vibe. However, don't be afraid of dressing up, because it's Christmas! 'Tis the season to be fancy. But, if you're not convinced, or if you would feel uncomfortable in a shiny dress and heels when everyone else went low-key, the best thing to do is have two outfits. Wear one of them to work that day, and bring your glad rags with you. Don't feel self-conscious about changing; you won't be the only one.

How to avoid bringing a suitcase to work

I hate bringing extra luggage with me to the office, though. Luckily, there are plenty of Christmas party dresses on the high street that are handy in the way that you can wear them to work and actually do some work without looking ridiculous. It's not like you're typing up a storm or making an important call with a difficult client dressed as a unicorn. It's Christmas.


So, here's what I'll be wearing for our work Christmas party which doesn't start until the evening because there's work to be done. The dress is gold and sparkly, yes, it certainly is, but wear with sheer black tights, black boots and a black blazer (items I'm sure you already own), and you've got yourself a day-night outfit that requires minimal effort. I would put on some eyeliner and put my hair up and add a pair of dangly earrings for the party part, but that's it. (Apart from the dancing shoes!) Easy peasy.

Your Work Christmas Party Outfit

Zara Shimmery Wrap Dress Dress €39.95Mango Tortoiseshell Heel Leather Ankle Boot €99.99 / H&M Jacket €39.99

Would you wear this to work? Is it suitable work Christmas party attire?

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