These €9.99 pants will be your trusty backup this Christmas

These pants cost only a tenner but I promise, they'll be your most faithful sartorial backup this Christmas.

I bought a pair of pants like these four years ago and they were my trusty backup for many's the occasion. But a sad thing happened. I pulled them out of my pants pile last week, half-asleep - so it wasn't until I was at work when I realised they were saggy at the knees. And worse, at the...ass.  But that's a testament to how handy they were. I had them until they died. They're not seven days gone, though, but I've found a replacement.

And they're even better.

These pants from H&M are skinny, black and have that coated finish that makes them suitable for all occasions. What makes these ones a cut above my dependable pair is that they are SO cheap. Only €9.99. If that means they get saggy by January, so be it. As long as I can rely on them to be my trusty backup for those days at Christmas when everything's in the wash or I have 'nothing to wear.'


hm treggings

Black Coated Treggings €9.99

You can see how they'd work in so many ways, can't you? I mean, they're plainish black pants (but, with the 'coating' element,  they're not too plain). Wear with an oversized knit and high boots for a casual 'out' look. Wear with heels and a 'nice top' for when you have to go 'out out'. Put on runners and a jumper and go for a walk! The possibilities are endless. We're buying two pairs.

H&M has other stuff in their recent releases for under a tenner that will be just as handy as those pants.


Earrings €4.99

2-Pack Gloves €4.99

Scrunchie with Ties €5.99


Printed Sweatshirt €7.99


Do you have a pair of pants that you pull out in times of clothing crisis?

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