It's a cover-up: Six gorgeous spring coats to cope with shine... or showers

There were some tantalising hints that spring is trying to put in an appearance during the week, which is really all the excuse I need to think about clothes that can cope elegantly with seasonal transitions.

I'm borderline obsessed with coats lately, especially any that look like they might keep you warm on cooler days or chilly mornings but wouldn't need to be peeled off at the first ray of sunshine with a bit of heat in it.

Wouldn't these lovelies see you through April (and May... and June... sigh) showers in style?


Zara short checkered yellow coat, €79.95 // Warehouse animal print coat, €52 // ASOS spot print white mac, €85.35

M&S pink belted mac, €55 // A| Wear khaki sequin parka, €75 // Heatons spot print blue mac, €20


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