4 styles to suit shorter women

Shorter or petite women can have a lot of trouble when choosing clothes; being four foot eleven, I can say this with certainty.

Hemlines are always a bit long and many clothes that look great on taller people swamp us (I am yet to find a jumpsuit that doesn't make me look like I am playing dress up in my mum's clothes). So here are my tips on how to dress subtly lengthen your frame and always look fab:

1. Tailored jackets

A well-tailored, fitted jacket, especially a work blazer, is extremely flattering if you are on the shorter side. Bigger and baggier jackets can really overwhelm our small frames making us look even smaller.

2. A deep-V

A deep-V does wonders to elongate your upper body, dresses, shirts and jumpers all work well with this style. This doesn't mean you have to show off too much cleavage (if you don't want to that is), I am a huge fan of the back V in dresses and knitwear jumpers at the moment.


3. Ankle boots

I find ankle boots much more flattering than knee boots for having short legs, especially with quite a short skirt or dress. Ankle boots with a V in the front are even better for elongating your legs. If you do want to wear long boots, go for over the knee instead of below the knee so you aren't getting cut off right in the middle of your leg.

4. High waisted jeans

Similar to the deep-V neckline, high waisted jeans really help to elongate your legs. Style it with a shorter top like a cropped t-shirt or a shirt with a French tuck for the most flattering results.

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