Love or Loathe: The Flatform

I am all for comfy shoes so I is. As a stylist who runs around all day, I live in a variety of runners, from Skechers to New Balance. I have more runners than shoes. Hard to believe I know! But a new trend with footwear is forming and it has a following.

I am undecided as to whether or not I like these, given that we don't actually get summer so wearing them is limited to a predefined time of the year. But if you are on hols, then these might be what you need. Our footwear needs are diva-like. We need comfort, but we want style.

I think with the re-emergence of runners as a "trend" item, we have a lot more flexibility with styling them in a way that doesn't look too casual. But I do like to change it up. Last year, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks (please don't laugh at me) that were black patent and they were such a comfortable shoe to have on holidays. My feet loved them, and I had no blisters or scrapes from wearing. I have terrible sensitive feet don't you know.

But now, I am on the lookout for my 2015 pair. And all I can find are flatforms. They look comfortable, and some are very sparkly, but I am not convinced just yet so I need your enviable help. Please. 


From top left: White sandals, €59.95, Zara; Penneys SS15; Silver sandal, €39.95, Zara; Slip on sandals, €10, Penneys From top left: White sandals, €59.95, Zara; Penneys SS15; Silver sandal, €39.95, Zara; Slip on sandals, €10, Penneys

I can imagine these on a sandy beach; walking under the peak of the summer sun as opposed to rainy Ireland where I am buried under my waterproofs. I can see how they add a bit of height, and while they are just one level of platform, you don't have the discomfort of wearing a heels.

But it's the "clog" look of them I am completely unsure about. There have been plenty of designers who have led this trend, like our own Simone Rocha, and now we have lot's of high street options to choose from. But can we pull off this look? Is the flatform a practical summer footwear choice? Or is it a bit too Baby Spice? We'll let you decide!

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