This Penneys spring dress will solve your "what will I wear?" woes

If there's anything we've learned from this month's Fashion Weeks, it's that dark and moody florals are back with a bang.

90s feminine grunge has reached peak basicness, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Topshop Unique's Sunday show was all about lounging around type cool girl fashion, but predictably, all the good stuff is annoyingly expensive for a high street brand.

Penneys has quietly started rolling out their Spring Summer collection, and in it, we spied this little number. It's dark, it's floral, and it has that Diane Von Furstenberg inspired wrap style that flatters all shapes and all sixes (that's why she invented it, and that's why most dresses in the Beaut wardrobe are made this way).


It costs €18, which makes it an even better buy. You can wear it to work or for cocktails with the girls. In summer, we'll wear it with platform espadrilles and accessorise with an extra large Sex on the Beach.

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