Perfect Pieces for Your Christmas Day Outfit

I always have an outfit to wear on Christmas Day. It's generally new, or never worn before, and I get very excited about wearing it. It's nice to get dressed up on Christmas Day although I am very much tempted to jump into a onesie and watch Elf on repeat while demolishing a box of Celebrations.

This year, I am not at home for Christmas so some dressy attire is needed. If you haven't planned an outfit yet, or would like some inspiration on what to wear, I've picked out a few little numbers to tickle your fancy. Also worth noting that a lot of sales start this week, so you can even pick up a bargain.



LBDs, all from a selection at M&S LBDs, all from a selection at M&S

The easiest and most versatile option is to go for the LBD. It will get to you any occasion over Christmas and the great thing is you can mix and match your  jackets and jewellery to change them up each time  you wear them. Velvet is a lovely fabric at this time of year, and M&S have some really chic ones from M&S Collection, which means they are also trés reasonable.


Boots, €35; Blouse, €13; Skirt, €12, all from Penneys Boots, €35 / Blouse, €13 / Skirt, €12. All from Penneys

If dresses aren't your thing and you have a few engagements over Christmas then a few separates can make for easy, stylish dressing. Invest in one skirt, and then swap your tops and shoes to recreate several looks. I love this idea as it also means less packing for home.

Speaking of shoes, if you are travelling to where you are spending Christmas then you sure as sugar don't want to have your entire suitcase full of shoes; you need some room for a selection of outfits. So you need to minimise the need for every pair you own. That's where planning comes in. Like I had explained in my summer packing guide a few months ago, by working out your outfits in advance, and adding the shoes into the mix, you take away the stress of deciding what to pack and which shoes/boots to bring home. Get yourself one pair of heels for nights out, flats for strolling, and some boots that are great with jeans and a jacket for evenings where the sparkly dress isn't needed.

Shoes, €115; Boots, €135, both from Dune Shoes, €115 / Boots, €135. Both from Dune

You also don't have to completely stick to black; it's a very good base colour for this Christmas and you can add rich tones like berry and emerald green to add some brightness without overpowering the look. And don't forget to add in your favourite jeans and jacket too which are always great go-to pieces.

Have you got your Christmas outfit planned? What are you thinking of wearing? Share your outfit ideas with us!

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