Shoulders, bombers & black: The top style looks of the week

Look, of course, our style picks of the week would come from Coachella; there's nothing else going on in the world except for it.

The good thing about this festival is that it's not all about traditional festival style. While there certainly are plenty of boring jean shorts and tank-top looks, there are some interesting ensembles that can be worn outside the confines of a luxury desert.

  • Liz Cherkasova


(Never heard of her? Neither have we. We googled her. She's a blogger.) This pretty dress is a fabulous summery colour, but we like it because of the random sleeves that start half-way down her arm. That's to expose her shoulders, you see, a trend that's going to be big this year.

  • Negin Mirsalehi


(Never heard of her? Neither have we. We googled her. She's a blogger.) Choker alert! This kind of festival dress is nothing new, it's the bomber jacket tied over her hips that we like. It's made us realise that, oh yeah, you can tie this kind of jacket around your waist! That's why it's the jacket of the year.

  • Ashley Benson


We picked this mostly for her sunglasses, but this ensemble is cool in a curious way. Black is not a summery colour but this manages to look fresh and light thanks to the print and material.


What look would you go for at a festival this year?

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