Tops you can buy right now if your wardrobe is in need of some girl power

It's time to make a statement.

Girl Power has always been in, and now the high street has some great statement pieces to make your clothes match your attitude. They’re cute, simple and all under €25 or under. A particular shoutout goes to Bershka that have some amazing tees and are a total bargain. Be sure to pop in to H&M as well, we've picked our favourites but there plenty more gems to be found in there.

Penneys Grey Slogan Bae Vest €3

Bershka Girl Power T-Shirt €4.99

H&M Grey T-Shirt €12.99

Bershka Girl Power Tee €4.99

H&M Pink T-Shirt €9.99

Penneys Pink Slogan Vest €3.50


New Look Green Ripped T-Shirt €14.99

Forever 21 Tee €11

Bershka T-Shirt €4.99

Topshop Femme Forever T-Shirt €20

Forever 21 Pajama Shirt €20

Topshop Feminist T-Shirt by Tee & Cake €25

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