Transitional Tips: Ease into Autumn with Eight Outerwear Options

It's a funny time of year; you don't quite want to dip into the depths of your winter wardrobe but, truth be told, your toes are turning slightly blue and that cardy you've been throwing over you on the way to work just won't cut it. We've already shown you our guide to choosing the perfect Winter coat (being prepared is half the battle) but if you've yet to find The One, then read on.

Transitional dressing can be quite the artform and you'll probably find yourself having to invest in a few items that will see you through from now 'til it gets really bloody baltic.

Today, we take a look at some jackets that'll take the the edge off without leaving you hot and bothered. After all, the sun's still gracing us with its presence and we're just not ready for fur hoods.

Reiss €520 Reiss €520

This one's gonna cost you, but a real leather jacket is ALWAYS worth the investment. They're never out fashion (well, we hope it stays that way), they'll go with ANYTHING in your wardrobe, they make you feel instantly smart and sexy and they'll age like George Clooney.

Spend a few bob on one like this from Reiss, and you're in for a long and happy love. It'll keep you warm without weighing you down, and whether you wear a t-shirt underneath or a woollen knit, it's fit for any season.

New Look £44.99 New Look £44.99

Parkas - they'll always have a place in our hearts too. And a place on the catwalks. Seems we just can't get enough of this khaki trend, and it comes back every year. It's the perfect transitional jacket.

Topshop £60 Topshop £60

Here's a navy version, if you find yourself a bit sick of khaki.

Advertised €107.15 €107.15

We're also loving the wax jacket which has made a much welcomed return this A/W. Pair yours with a floral dress, thick tights and a nice pair of brogues. €42.84 €42.84

Another big trend this year was the bomber jacket, for those who fancy a bit of androgyny in their wardrobe.

Keep this casual with your favourite jeans and a brightly coloured top underneath. Another transitional no-brainer. €107.15 €107.15

Lastly, no autumn wardrobe is complete without a mac. We're loving this one from Asos. €114.79 €114.79

But if you would rather opt for something a little more durable, something that will still work once winter sets in, this pea coat is a nice alternative. Double breasted, looks great open (great for autumn), with a nice strong lapel. Sold!

What'll you be wearing this autumn? And what's your favourite style from our selection above?

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