We've found the going-out top that you will wear all summer

Even if you have three versions of the same trendy dress, sometimes you just want to wear those jeans and a nice top. This could be the nicest going-out top of the summer.

I know it's not quite summer yet (...) but it is that time when we start thinking about the warmer months. Planning outfits to wear on holidays or on those summery days we'll hopefully get this year is a good way to get you through. A lot of these outfits involve dresses but there will be times you'll just want to revert to that old favourite, your jeans and a nice top.

While it's still chilly, here are some dresses you can easily layer for those weird warm-cold days.

This summer, the jeans we'll be wearing will be comfortable. They'll be of the straight-leg variety and we'll wear them with white runners during the day and heeled sandals at night (and sometimes white runners at night). Then, when we're going Out Out, we'll pop on this top and off we'll go.



Sequin Top with Frill €25.95 

Proving that sequins can most certainly be worn in summer, this is the top that will get you all the compliments. It will look good with those aforementioned jeans, but we like Zara's styling of the all-white outfit. It's something that Villanelle from Killing Eve might wear or Maxine from Russian Doll - meaning it's frilly and 'girly' but also cool.

We love it (and the price) but if it's not completely your bag, we've found some more going out tops that will look great with jeans.

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Topshop Embellished Cami 89 

H&M Top with Lace €17.99


oasis going out top

Satin Angel Sleeve Top €40

Are you a jeans and a nice top type person? Do you find it hard to buy nice going out tops for the summer?

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