This Zara blouse is suddenly the It piece of spring

This Zara blouse came out of nowhere but we want it so much we'd give up our Netflix subscription.

Call it the Russian Doll effect. Well, we're calling it the Russian Doll effect. It has nothing to do with actual Russia or dolls or Matryoshka, but it's something very similar to what Max wears in the hit Netflix series.

See the Zara blouse Pippa O'Connor wore that we also want

If you haven't watched it yet, please do. Or at least watch this clip of the wonder that is Maxine (and the blouse in question).


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Maxine's chicken is to die for, seriously.

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We see that blouse in many scenes and many episodes and we never stop wanting it. It is that tricky mix between feminine and cool. You could wear it to a cool New York loft party, but you could also wear it to a baby shower in the Hamptons, y'know?

I quickly became fixated on the blouse. I wanted one. In fact, I needed one. But I wasn't prepared to go online and find a replica. I had better things to do online (like watch more episodes of Russian Doll). So imagine my delight when I found this blouse from Zara. It's not a perfect match or anything, but it has the same essence. And polka dots are always cool.


Organza Blouse with Bow Detail €49.95 

Can't you see its potential? It's a definite for work and just wear with jeans when you have nothing else to wear. This spring, we'd put on some white boots with the blue jeans while they're still in. Oh, the possibilities!

Do you like the blouse? Do you like blouses in general? Did you watch Russian Doll? Wasn't it brilliant (I accept no other opinions).

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