12 Days of Detox: Ayurvedic cleansing


Post Christmas one year, a friend recommended an Ayurvedic cleanse as a great way to detox. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought and bought the detox pack from Pukka Herbs (nothing to do with Jamie Oliver).

"Do you ever feel a bit congested, full or overloaded?" asked the website. Why yes, I thought. "Or perhaps recent excesses and over indulgences have finally taken their toll. If so, then it’s time for an inner clean. "

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic system. It's all about keeping the body in its natural balance to avoid illness and stay feeling healthy. You've probably heard of the doshas and how everyone can be classified as either kappa, pitta or vata.

Apparently your digestive system is a fire which needs to be gently stoked with light, nourishing meals. Tins of Roses, mince pies, too many bottles of wine and Taytos are liable to smother the fire and put it out. Causing sluggish digestion and a general feeling of sloth and lethargy. I think we can all identify with that. Of course being a holistic yokey Ayurveda is very concerned with poo and doesn't like it hanging around in the body too long. Well, okay, we can see the sense in that. So Ayurvedic detoxing is all about cleansing the body with teas, getting rid of poo with special herbs and supporting the digestive system with others.


You can buy a Detox pack from Pukka for £18.74. It contains supplements of Triphala Plus, Gurducci and Neem and yummy detox tea. (I've also seen this tea in Tesco). Give it a go if you want to try something different - I liked it.

If you want to check out which dosha you are have a goo at this quiz. It tells me I'm a Vata:
You are predominantly vata! Vata types tend to be creative and visionary but when they are out of balance they are often forgetful, anxious or away with the fairies!

Er, spot on.

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